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K18 Peptide™ pH Formula Biomimetic Hairscience

Dreaming of silky smooth hair with no frizz or tangles? K18 hair care improves hair in only 4 minutes! It is an exceptional tool to prevent hair damage during chemical treatment and can be used as a separate healing treatment. restores vitality and gives a healthy look!

K18 hair care is intended for all hair types to restore the appearance of hair damaged by coloring, bleaching, or chemical treatment. We have all experienced hair damage due to chemical, mechanical, or heat treatment that causes the hair to lose its original shine and elasticity...
K18 is the result of the work of scientists, Professor of BioEngineering Artur Cavaco Paulo, and his team. In ten years, they used biomimetic technology to map the entire human keratin genome which forms the mechanism of hair fibers and their ability to repair hair fibers. K18 Peptide ™ is a unique bioactive peptide patented with the number EP3058936A2, that paves the way for a new generation of hair care. The future was created thanks to the patented peptide. Any chemical process that has an alkaline environment breaks the bonds that keep hair beautiful. K18 is the first product in history to be able to create new bonds in the keratin chain. It does so by penetrating the cortex and re-establishing disulfide bonds in the ladders of the keratin chain. The hair repaired in this way is strong and elastic.

K18 peptide is a unique compound of amino acids that penetrates the hair fiber and restores hair disulfide bonds that have been damaged as a result of home and salon processing. This clinically proven effect restores the elasticity and youthfulness of the hair without being washed out. After ten years of extensive research involving more than 1,200 possible amino acid compounds and covering the entire keratin genome that makes up the hair, a group of European researchers created the K18 peptide. The K18 peptide is exclusively owned by K18 products.


You try - Is it possible 4 min. hair restore❓

K18 Peptide Prep™ product line was created to allow a clearer base for different treatments, so every use becomes a thorough healing experience. Hair wellness begins from its purity. On a clear base, the hair dye will look more vibrant and treatments will be more effective!

K18 Detox Shampoo 250ml

K18 Detox Shampoo 250ml

New! A one of a kind detox shampoo creates a perfect clear base to achieve healthy hair while offering a thorough deep cleanse. 30.36 € 39.95 € In stock View product
pH Balancing shampoo

pH Balancing shampoo

New! An optimized pH balancing shampoo for the hair and scalp for everyday use. 30.36 € 37.95 € In stock View product
K18 Hair mask 5ml

K18 Hair mask 5ml

The hair mask makes the hair silky smooth permanently and restores broken and weakened hair bonds. 12.95 € Out of Stock View product
K18 Hair mask 50ml

K18 Hair mask 50ml

The hair mask makes the hair silky smooth permanently and restores broken and weakened hair bonds. 63.95 € Out of Stock View product
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